December Minutes

Bromley Cyclists Monthly Meeting
182 Court Road, Orpington BR6 0PY. 8th December, 2014 –

Present: Spencer Harradine, John Wood, Linda Rampling, Eve Evans, Rory McMullan, Terry Kinnard.

1. Apologies: Richard Gibbons,Tessa Marie, Derek Mark

2. Approval of Minutes of last meeting – Approved SH, Seconded JW

3. Matters Arising from last meeting – None

4. Financial Report – Treasurer – In the absence of the Treasurer SH reported: Financial Balance £589.00. No income or expenditure this month.

5. Co-ordinators Report – SH reported that he had attended the LCC Policy Forum and the seminar that was held at Westminster, which dealt with the Mini Holland boroughs. All three representatives presented and updated everyone on their varying stages of preparing their delivery. Waltham Forest are about to deliver their bid, Kingston are not as far advanced as Waltham Forest and Enfield do not appear to have made as much progress as the other two boroughs.

6. Rides & Events
 November Ride Report – JW reported – (see Appendix i)
 Action:
Put Crossness rides onto website – JW
Redesign ride registration form – JW
Put 2015 rides on website – JW

7. Governance/Constitution
 JW has looked at the Constitution and agreed in its current format it allows us quite a lot of flexibility, so changes are unnecessary at this stage.

8. Performance Indicators
 JW has prepared a table of Key Measurements (see Appendix ii)so that we may build on the data that is already kept, to enable us to further monitor the success of the various activities undertaken by Bromley Cyclists.

9. Structure
 Discussion following on from last months’ suggestion of re-structuring Bromley Cyclists and appointing a Ward Champion for each of the 22 Wards in the Bromley Borough.
 Action:
Put together the Ward Champions ‘To Do’ list – SH
Prepare a letter to Councillors which Ward Champions can send – SH
Invite potential Ward Champions to January meeting – SH
Book Bromley Cricket Club for January meeting – SH
10. AOB

Meeting Structure
 JW suggested that in future Reports – i.e. Coordinators Report, Ride Report, Treasurers Report be distributed and read by the members prior to the meeting, thereby reducing the time of our monthly meetings. Agreed and this will start in January.
Reports to be sent to Secretary by 1st of each month for distribution. – SH, JW, Treasurer
Reports distributed to members on 1st of each month – Secretary
Members to be asked for Agenda items 1st of each month – Secretary
Minutes of previous meeting distributed to attendees – Secretary

Travel & Infrastructure
 JW asked if SH had sent in the re-routing behind Churchfields.
Action – SH

 Burgess Park – JW went to the Burgess Park Consultation meeting which included discussion on the routes the Southwark Spine will take through Burgess Park. There is resistance to cycling here so we need to be on top of it.

 Tour de Penge – SH informed us that the date for 2015 will be 7th June and has promised to supply marshals and ride leaders to the organisers.

Next Meeting Bromley Cricket Club – January 12th.

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