Group Meeting minutes Sept 2017

Bromley Cyclists Group Meeting

Beccehamian RFC

Sparrow’s Den
Corkscrew Hill
West Wickham

Tuesday 12 September 2017 – 7-9 pm

Agenda Items

  1. Open and welcome

Attendees: Andy Allsop, Brenda Scothern, Tim Rowe, Linda, Richard, Derek, Tom, Sarah Pearce, John, Jonathan, Tracey, Kevin

  1. Apologies


  1. To consider the minutes of the Group Meeting on 15 May 2017 for approval

Proposed by TJP and RG. All in favour.

  1. Matters arising


  1. Review of the past three months

The secretary ran through the highlights of what the group ManCom had been up to since the last group meeting.

  1. Treasurer’s report

The group has £411.76. We have paid £138 to cover hire of the room we use for ManCom meetings at St Peter and St Paul’s church up to and including December. We are due a payment in the autumn from LCC for the feeder ride we led to the FreeCycle.

  1. Coordinator’s report

The coordinator delivered a report.

LCC membership offers discount in various bike shops in Bromley. JW to organise contacting these shops to give them stickers etc.

Tim Rowe has agreed to work on Transport, Traffic & Infrastructure.

There was a general discussion on getting more people cycling and coming on our rides, particularly under-represented groups.

Could we target women’s groups to boost numbers? (Sarah Pearce)

The idea was raised of targeting parents through their cycling mad schoolkids.

Could we also make use of Adam Shepherd’s bigfoot newsletter?

It was pointed out that until you join a Bromley Cyclists’ ride, you don’t realise it won’t be along main roads.

Could we ask to get ourselves and bike clubs on the council’s website along with brief descriptions of what we offer? (Kevin)

We could try contacting yoga places, gyms, cafes, libraries, swimming pools, GP surgeries, dentists, dance schools.

Charity rides can be a good entry way to cycling.

  1. To receive a presentation on Bromley South and the planned SHaW Futures Academy school from Jonathan Coulter

Jonathan Coulter gave an excellent run through of the background to the proposed vertical school as well as our concerns and campaigning. In the discussion that followed, Sarah Pearce suggested working in alliance with other groups (e.g. Clean Air in London) on this junction. Junction is a gift with the local elections coming, but they are fast approaching.

Tim Rowe agreed to collect information on the high-rise developments in central Bromley and identify possible campaigning leads flowing from this.  Andy Allsopp offered to assist with the dissemination of campaigning messages through social media and other means.

  1. AOB

None. The meeting was closed.

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