January Minutes

Bromley Cyclists Minutes

12 January 2015

Present: Rory McMullen, Richard Gibbons, Pat Green,Tessa Marie, Terry Kinnard, Derek Mark, John Wood, Spencer Harradine, Linda Rampling

1. Apologies were received from: Eve Evans, Peter Nemestothy

2. Minutes of previous meeting approved by John Wood seconded by Linda Rampling

3. Matters Arising – The only matter arising was the outcome of the Churchfields planning application as yet Richard has been unable to ascertain the final decision.

4. Financial Balance – The balance remains the same at £589.00

5. Coordinators Report – The coordinator had already submitted a short report which had been       distributed in advance this was accepted. (Appendix)

6. Ride Report – John Wood had submitted a comprehensive ride report and much discussion followed. (Appendix)

This included ideas for the Bromley Cyclists ‘Golden Bike’ award which could include a Pub of the Month/year  and also include other organisations which have given exemplary service.

It was decided to have a designated leader for the WWW.There was much discussion on whether or not we ask for next of kin details for the moment it was agreed that the ride leader ask that each person has an ICE number easily accessible, or is held by another rider in the group. We also talked about how we make the rides more understandable for the lay person and how we go about publicising the rides. It was agreed by the meeting that the postcode of the start venue be added to the information.

7. Structure – Structure was again discussed and decided to invite as many ward champions to the Feb meeting as possible.

AOB – It was also decided to have a website meeting with John, Richard, Eve, Tessa and Spencer to look at the way in which Bromley Cyclists is viewed by the outside world and which platforms we need to use to get our message across.

The meeting closed at 9.07

Thanks to Bromley Cricket Club for their hospitality.

Next meeting 9th February, 2015 – Bromley Cricket Club


Coordinators Report January 2015

Welcome to Bromley Cyclists January 2015

What can we expect in 2015???

To begin there will be the usual array of rides from 1mile to 120 miles, so something for everyone, young or mature, new to cycling or old pedal pushers. John and Eve will be telling you all about that in a few minutes.

With regard to how we communicate I am extremely pleased to inform you that Richard Gibbons has agreed to take on this task, the main part of which seems to be to align all the differing platforms and help us to develop a communications strategy.

Space 4 Cycling has got the drums beating in Bromley but our proposal to engage the ward champions in an ongoing role I feel will help to build relations between cycling and the community.

We await the publication of Bromley’s cycling strategy. As stakeholders in this process we hope that by introducing a robust strategy our local council will begin to deal with our three main objectives, reducing congestion, obesity and pollution by implementing any number of our ‘ward asks’ thereby making Bromley an even better and more attractive place to invest, work and live.

We will of course continue to promote cycling in any way we can and look forward to joining forces with other groups to deliver ‘Cycle Sundays’ from spring to autumn 2015.

Finally I have heard that ‘Cycle Mania 2015’ will take place over the weekend of September 19th – 20th once again making Orpington High Street a traffic free zone.

Thank you for your help and support through 2014 and I look forward to much cycling activity in 2015.

Spencer Harradine
Coordiator – Bromley Cyclists

Rides Coordinators Report February 2015

January Rides

Date Ride Distance Riders  Leader
3 Jan View Tube 43 7 Linda
7 Jan WWW The Railway 10 9 Spencer
10 Jan The Cheese Run 40 13 Trevor
14 Jan WWW The Bricklayers 10 7 John
22 Jan WWW Anglesea Arms 10 7 Spencer
25 Jan Exploratory 15 2 John
29 Jan WWW The Woodman 10 4 Spencer

7 rides in total which included 49 individual rides!

3 rides excluding WWW

WWW – 4 rides

Leader Board All Rides

  • Spencer – 3
  • John – 2
  • Linda – 1
  • Trevor – 1

Leader Board (excl WWW)

  • John – 1
  • Linda – 1
  • Trevor 1

Ride Popularity
The most popular ride in January was The Cheese Run (13 Riders).

I have a rides meeting arranged with Eve and Steve Watkins for later in the month and will report back to the next meeting.

We have had 7 website registrations for rides between 20/12/2014 – 20/01/2015.

This has been a quieter month for rides. This should be seen as unsurprising considering the time of year and the weather conditions

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