July Minutes

Bromley Cyclists – Monthly Meeting Report 9th July, 2012

Present: Spencer Harradine, Eve Evans, Steve Watkin, Derek Mark, Stephen Hardy, Peter Nemestothy, Rob Peters, John Wood, Paul Hardy, Les Back.

1. Apologies: Melissa Calzatto, Nev Medhurst, Paula Godman

2. Report from last meeting: Approved

Financial report: Financial Balance £933.37. June expenditure £200 for event shelter , £20 meeting costs, credits 63p interest.

3. Matters Arising from Last Meeting

• Summer of Cycling Leaflet – Still not complete, but should be complete for July 29th event.

• Olympics – buddied rides to London – To be put on the website.

• Holy Innocents School – they have received a grant from TFL to start a bike club. They have already made a start and are hoping to arrange a local bike ride “Tour de Orpington”. Possible date 6th October.

• Bike Music – nothing has been done so far with regard this, Derek is chasing up contacts.

• Bike Week Report – Not very much arranged in respect of this this year, mainly due to the weather and the large event (Bromley Festival of Sport) taking place on July 29th.

4. Rides & Events Planning

• Ride Report – 12 rides in June with 88 riders. Figures down significantly on last year, but this is due to the fact that last year we had rides taking place every Saturday and Sunday, which is not the case this year.

• WWW venues for next month- chosen and will appear on website.

• Festival of Sport and Culture – Planning is going well and this promises to be a very large event with participation from many different clubs and areas of cycling. Spencer has asked everyone to make themselves available to help on the day.

• Birthday Bash – It has decided not to go ahead with the proposed BBQ.

• Look Mum No Hands – July 13th, Steve Watkin asked if anyone is able to lead this ride.

• Stewart’s Charity Ride – This will be held on the August Bank Holiday weekend.

• Bromley Borough Skyride. – The first one has already taken place with around 30 riders in attendance.

• Events Shelter – Need to get sides signwritten.

• Flags for events – Derek together with LCC have already sent Spencer all the information. Andy Harding is starting on the design.

5. Publicity

 6. Policy & Campaigning Group

• Bromley Council Meeting – email received from John Warren – had we heard of the meeting regarding motorcyclists using bus lanes. Bromley Council had this item on their Agenda and unfortunately we did not have time to put in any questions prior to the meeting. However, Spencer has managed to contact someone higher up in the Council so it will feed down to the people concerned that Bromley Cyclists are not in favour of this motion.

7. Website Update

• Photoshoot – Phil Shemmings will sort the pictures out very soon, but we already have received some that we can use on the website.

8. Go Ride & BGRRL Reports

• Cyclopark, Gravesend – A very successful afternoon at Gravesend when the BGRRL held the final event of the year and presented the cups to the winners of each category.

• Clubmark status – Bigfoot Go Ride are very close to gaining their Clubmark status.

Bigfoot Go Ride now have 60 members every Saturday and Penge are up to 50.

9. AOB

• LCC Funding – funding is available from the LCC for Ride Leader training within the various groups.

Next meeting The Liberal Club, Orpington 8.15pm – Monday, 13th August.

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