June Minutes

Minutes of Bromley Cyclists Monthly Meeting 10th June, 2013

The Liberal Club, Orpington

Present: Spencer Harradine, Stephen Hardy, Eve Evans, John Wood, Tim Rowe, Paul Hardy, Melissa Cazzatto, Ann Kenrick, Steve Watkin, Linda Rampling.

1. Apologies: Steve Heeley

2. Approval of Minutes of last meeting – Approved

3. Financial Report – Current financial balance £325.90.

4. Matters arising from last meeting

Bromley Plan – John has written to the council, but as yet has not received a response. Deferred to next meeting.

Rachel Aldred Policy Seminar – John Wood – John reported that he attended the Policy Forum Seminar at the University of Westminster Marylebone Campus led by Rachel Aldred on 6/6/2013. This is different to the Policy Forum Group which will next meet on 25/6/2013 and which john cannot attend due to another commitment.

There were four speakers at the Seminar and then an open session to brainstorm ideas for campaigning in the local elections in 2014. John reported that the centre was trialing software to assist in targeting candidates in the elections. There is little difficulty in obtaining the email address for the sitting members, but the other candidates’ addresses are much more challenging. It was suggested that party offices might have to be contacted directly to get this information.

John particularly mentioned the talk by John Irwin and how he had set up a petition to his local authority to get a rat-run closed off using experimental traffic orders and how his methods could be rolled out to take on other problems.

Rides Brochure – This should now be done, awaited from Derek Mark.

5. Ann Kenrick LCC

• Ann joined us tonight to find out what the local groups are doing and to find out what Bromley Cyclists concerns were. Discussion followed re the LCC magazine and how boroughs could come together more. We discussed the Awards and the way they were run, the success of the LCC conference, campaigns and active membership campaigns. The Go Dutch campaign was deemed to have worked well and we discussed what would be next.

6. Events

Market on Beckenham Green – we joined Copers Cope Residents Association for what proved to be a very successful day promoting cycling. It was suggested that we might approach other residents associations in the future and organize similar events.

Cycling Promotion Day, Hayes Village Hall – part of the Biking Borough Programme, another successful event which included bike marking and Dr. Bike

Association of Bikeability Scheme Conference – Steve Watkin attended. Steve reported how interesting it was to see how others people did things. Commented on how the funding is insufficient for Level 3 training and how this needs to be changed from how it has been carried out in the past.

Schools Cycling Competiton – this was on 6th June and involved 14 primary school teams and 4 secondary school teams.

Cyclist of the Year – 22nd June with the Biking Buzz. We will need a couple of ride leaders for the afternoon.

Camping Trip – 14th June. Two day camping trip in Essex with rides both days, finalized details.

Mildenhall Rally – open for camping pitches, refer to website

Harris Hospicecare rides in July – helpers needed for this event please.

Biking Borough Events – There are 20 programmed for the year. It was felt that the regularity of these events was contributing to the success.

7. Travel, Transport & Infrastructure

Steve Heeley – Mini Hollands. Unfortunately Steve Heeley was unable to join us. Discussion followed as to whether Bromley Council would bother to bid for the money available to develop a Mini Holland for Bromley. We will wait and see.

Safer Transport Team – have now made a good connection with the Metropolitan Police.

8. Sport. Leisure & Recreation

Rides Report – 10 rides this month. 180 on the Tour de Penge where Bromley Cyclists assisted with the marshalling.

Last Sunday of the Month Rides – Good turn out last month.

9. Go Ride/BGRRL – Meeting scheduled soon to discuss the forming of the new club in June.

10. Website

The ride registration form alterations have been updated with a ‘where did you hear about us’ button. We will schedule a website meeting soon.

• Bromley Cyclists presence on LCC website. We can now login to the Bromley Cyclists page on the LCC website. This needs to be updated and kept up to date.

• British Cycling social ride website – Bromley Cyclists can now access this for our rides. Can discuss how this will work at the next website meeting.

11. AOB

• Themed rides – Tim discussed his ideas which included rides to the Roman Villa and Roman Baths, maybe extending to Lullingstone. Possible date for this is July 13th.

Next meeting Monday 8th July – 8.15pm The Liberal Club, Orpington.

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