March Minutes

Bromley Cyclists Monthly Meeting
Bromley Cricket Club 98 Plaistow Lane Bromley Kent BR1 3AS
9th March, 2015 –


Present: EE, SH, RG, DM, PN, LR, TS, SW, JW, MC, TK.

1. Apologies – AR, TF

2. Approval of Minutes of last meeting – TF asked that we add the following to the February Minutes under item 1, Election of Officers. “All were elected by the Members present, with no objections and recorded in the Minutes.”

3. Matters Arising – JW asked if SH had been into the Curry restaurant with regard to Christmas. He had not so JW will go ahead. Action JW.

4. Financial Report – Treasurer – SH welcomed our new Treasurer LR who reported that the current bank balance was £569.57 with an outstanding payment due to SH of £20 for the January room hire. The only transaction in February was £20 to Bromley Cricket Club for the room hire. EE reported that she had today paid £19.28 to Easyspace for the domain for the next 24 months. EE to be reimbursed.

5. Co-ordinators Report – SH had submitted his rather short Coordinators Report (appendix) this month due to ill health and reported the additional items:
 SH has now passed his Bikeability Level 2
 The first Go Ride club during term time has just started at Hayes Primary School, with Hayes Secondary School joining them soon
 SH has the list of schools involved in the Big Pedal, one of which is Churchfields.
 SH has spoken to Caroline Dubarbier and 2 bike hangers have gone in at Anerley with another 2 due.
 SH reported we are still supporting Stephen Schuman in his Cycle First. SH is hoping to meet with Christopher Atkins of Rookery Estates. Action SH.
 SH has been speaking to the ladies of Harris Hospicecare. We will be doing this ride again this year and will need someone to man the feed station. Action SH.
 SH – a quarter of the Councillors in Bromley are supporting Space for Cycling.
 SH – referred to documentation from the LCC showing that Bromley has the highest number of people on led rides (1553) in one borough.
 SH – West Wickham Cycling Event will probably take place again this year. Action LR & AR.
 Market on the Green Action JW
 SH – Biking Buzz on 20th June. Bromley Council will be running the Cyclists of the Year in the morning.
 SH attended a meeting of the Children and Young Peoples sub group, involved in the well-being of children in the borough. He has managed to get cycling included. If anyone would like to attend the next meeting please let SH know.
 SH congratulated JW for the fantastic job he has been doing on the Bromley Cyclists insert for the LCC magazine.
 LCC magazine shows how well each borough is doing in the Space for Cycling Campaign. LBB is reported as no progress. JW commented that this was probably a little unfair as we were aware that progress is being made on several of the asks although it should be said that the council have doubtless brought this situation on themselves by once again failing to respond to letters and emails asking them to engage with these issues.

6. Rides Report – JW went over the ride report (appendix) previously sent out. SW, EE, JW and SH mapped out a programme for the year at a recent rides meeting.

JW would like to put a rides library on our website so that anyone would be able to use our routes, ultimately we will have the GPX link with each of the rides. This will obviously take a little time to complete.
JW – It is likely there will a cycling hub in the borough, in Norman Park, with the possibility of another two in the future. We should therefore ensure that we start as many of our rides as possible there or at least use Norman Park as a pick up point. We should therefore be asking the Council to improve the signage for Norman Park. Action SH.

7. Facebook/Page/Group – There was much discussion as to whether we should have a Facebook Page or Group or both. We currently have both but the LCC encourage either one or the other. (using of social media) RG explained the difference between the two, i.e the page being outward facing and the group inward facing. JW asked how we might boost the page. It was agreed for the time being to keep both, one of which will only be available for the members to see. Action RG
 It was agreed to leave Meetup to Andrew Fergar.
 It was agreed to put our rides on the LCC website when we had the time.

8. Pub of the month -EE reported this month’s winner was The Wheatsheaf, West Wickham.

9. A.O.B

 JW has been adding news to the website which now goes to the Bromley Cyclists page of facebook.

 JW suggested that the Minutes be added with the reports as a media file. EE will forward said Minutes to JW for him to put on website. Action JW.

 On the subject of Minutes it has been requested by one of our members that full names shouldn’t be put out on a public site. It has been agreed to use initials for everyone going forward.
 SW asked that Cycle Recycle be added to the website. He desperately needs trained bike mechanics to volunteer with the rebuilding of these bikes. Action JW
 JW showed data from the site re the usage of the website.
 RG Asked if we might consider a Blue Plaque ride to include the Priory with a view to promoting the campaign to try to save this valuable historic building. JW expressed reservations as the Priory Campaign, though very worthy, has nothing to do with cycling and JW has concerns that we end up looking like a protest group looking for a cause. Maybe 3 Blue Plaque rides, trying to involve Councillors in taking part. SW and SH are meeting later this week to discuss, plan and arrange. Action SH/SW
 We now have some dates from PS and it was agreed to set a date to meet at the earliest possible opportunity to sort out the website. Action SH
 MC is proposing to organise a camping weekend over Easter which we can actually cycle to. Details to follow. Action MC
 DM gave details of the First Aid Course which is to be 16th April, the cost £40. This will give the Level 2 Award in Emergency First Aid at Work.
 DM showed pictures he had printed of the proposed segregated lanes at Crystal Palace as part of the Crystal Palace Parade Improvement Scheme. Discussion followed as to the very poor and dangerous design. SH suggested that this be forwarded to Francis Bernstein, so that we can see how they have arrived at this decision and take it from there. Action SH
 The second Cycle Bromley meeting is taking place on 19th March if anyone is available to attend.
 The Council have released their Cycling Strategy and it is on the Council website. It is going before Committee next Tuesday. The aim is to get the strategy out for consultation. JW proposed the following question be put to the Environment Policy Development and Scrutiny Committee. “Does the committee agree that a robust cycling strategy for the borough is an essential cornerstone on which to build a response to the pollution, congestion and obesity problems faced by communities in this borough.”
Meeting closed at 22.11 hours.

Next meeting 13th April, 2015 – Bromley Cricket Club 98 Plaistow Lane Bromley Kent BR1 3AS

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