May Minutes

Bromley Cyclists Monthly Meeting

182 Court Road, Bromley BR6 0PY

11th May, 1015  –


 Present:  SH, EE, JW, LR, DM, RG

1.      Apologies – PN, TF, SW

2.      Approval of Minutes of last meeting –  Approved SH, seconded LR

3.      Matters Arising

  •  Improved signage for Norman Park – SH spoken to Caroline. A review has been carried out of all signage and cycle paths and we are assuming Norman Park signage will be included as part of the package when changes are made.
  • Cycle Recycle wording for website – JW is still awaiting wording from SW.
  • Francis Bernstein to be contacted re Crystal Palace Improvement Scheme.  SH has sent the information to DM who knows the area well.

Although we now have an ‘In your Neighbourhood page’ on the website content has yet to be added.  Action SH/JW/EE.
Rides Library to be put on as ‘posts’, actioned by EE.
JW has fedback to Adam with regard to the last Brighton training ride to see if it can be modified next year.
Beer Mats have now been collected from LCC by JW, to distribute to weekly pubs.
JW has added Facebook and Yahoo to bottom of website front page, Twitter to do. Action JW.
JW has written a news item explaining how to link calender on website to personal calenders.
RG reported that Twitter has 980 followers and has updated the profile description and images.
SH has approached the Council with a view to using a room for our monthly meetings and this has been agreed, day yet to be confirmed. Action SH.
4.      Financial Report – Treasurer – LR reported the current balance to be £483.23 with no outstanding payments.   LR has submited the accounts to LCC and forms for our annual grant will be submitted by the end of this month.   There is an outstanding invoice from Bromley Cricket Club for April. Action SH.

5.      Coordinators Report. See appendix I.

6.      Ride Report. See appendix II

  • Ride Policy – There are likely to be changes to how we display future rides.  These should be shown on the LCC website and will fall into two categories.  Official rides with qualified ride leaders which will be covered by LCC insurance and unofficial rides which can be led by anyone but will not be covered under the LCC insurance.  To qualify as an official ride this will have to be put on the LCC website by the Coordinator or his representative.  We are not sure at this stage what ‘qualificiation’ will be required to be included as a qualified ride leader but expect further guidance from LCC, but expect that this might be some sort of assessment.
  • Ride London – we will lead a ride into London.
  • LCC needs to be contacted re change of venue for monthly meetings, suggested we just refer to website in view of the changes of venue we have had recently. Action EE
  • With regard to the website there has been a steady increase in hits from January to April.
  • JW showed us the newsletter and the new format he will be using by including the LCC logo.
  • Tour de Penge time needs to be changed from 10am registration and 11am start to 9am registration and 10am start. Action JW.

7.      Bromley’s Cycling Strategy – This will be coming up for consultation soon.  There has been lots of discussion on how Bromley Cyclists will respond to this. This will be an opportunity to let the Council know how big the voice of cycling is in Bromley.

JW has been working on a survey whereby people will be able to fill in a simple survey which will be feedback to us when we will be able to create graphs of the responses.  Anyone completing the survey will be thanked and linked to our website inviting them to send a letter to their Councillor.  We have a standard letter prepared which can be sent as is or added to or amended if required.  It is important we reach as many people as we can via our various contacts. SH to make enquiries with CTC, British Cycling and various cycle clubs to see if they can also send this survey out.  It can also be handed out at the Tour de Penge.

8.      Communications – The Facebook page has 15 likes and 289 members.  Meetup group 135 members, SkyRide Group 37 members the last ride being posted August 2013.  There are 373 potential buddies within 5 miles of Bromley.  This could be useful with future campaigns and strategies. Yahoo Group has 144 members.

Bromley Cycle Forum, update links, Twitter feed included

With regard to the website RG suggested the following:

  • Events list – add note below list re following link above to note link to add to personal calendars.
  • Links – suggest embed link locations.
  • Join our online group – propose adding other social media links.

9.      Pub of the Month.  EE reported that The Woodman, Farnborough was the winner for April. Email Woodman informing them. Action RG.

10.   AOB

LCC Policy  – In response to the request from head office that we are compliant with LCC policies JHW has responded that we believe we are compliant except for one area which has been referred to Rachel Aldred.

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