Minutes 8 June 2011

Present:    Steve Watkin, Shaun McDonald, Steve Hardy, Eve Evans, Derek Mark, Peter Nemestothy, Charlotte Craig, Stewart Curtis, Chris Jones

Apologies:  Spencer Harradine, Nev Medhurst, Paula Godman, Paul Hardy

Report from last meeting:   Approved

Financial report:   Balance £779.50 – no income or expenditure this month

Post Mortems:

Pro Active Bromley Meeting

Attended by Steve Watkin and Spencer Harradine.  Very useful networking meeting. Lots of new contacts were made.

 Rides & Events Planning:

  1. Rides Group report – need more ride leaders and more commitment from existing leaders for the cycle 4 life rides.
  2. Rides – increased from previous month to 167 riders in May with 14 rides. Saturday Cycle 10 still is the most popular.
  3. Bike Week events –  We will have an activity happening every day of bike week, and volunteers are needed for a stall in Bromley on 18th to promote this.  Volunteers are also needed for the Festival of Sport on 26th June and the Tour de Penge on the same day.  With so much going on the 26th we will still do the Sunday ride from Norman Park, but Shaun will take the ride to the start of the Tour de Penge where the two will combine.
  4. Cray Valley Festival – An opportunity for children to have a go at various sports with local clubs on hand to offer training and advice.  We are keen to support this event which may boost numbers for our Go Ride clubs
  5. Skyrides:  There are three London Skyrides this year: Hillingdon on July 31st, Barking & Dagenham on August 21st should anyone wish to get involved, but we would like everyone to attend the main London Skyride on 4th September and help with the marshalling.
  6. Wednesday Night Wander: The destinations for the following month have been chosen in advance.


Proofs were shown of the banner for Bike Week and the Z fold leaflet.  It was felt more discussion was required by a small committee of people before the printing of these items went ahead.  It was suggested that a banner and Z fold for Cycle4 Life and other events would be more useful as they could be used throughout the year with the banner possibly being on permanent display at Norman Park, by the Athletics Stadium.

 Policy & Campaigning Group Report 

  1. Local Elections 2012 – There is a big push to decide campaigns for the Local Elections 2012 – please look on LCC website.
  2. Increasing our membership – Matthew from LCC will be on our stand on 18th June and will show how to sign up new members on the LCC website. 
  3. LCC  re-brand and website – the new website is up and running. If you haven’t already done so, please sign up to enable access to local forum and events. We have a section for our borough and need to make use of it.
  4. 20’s Plenty – a national organization campaigning for 20mph default speed limits, without traffic calming, where people live.  Everyone is encouraged to visit the 20’s Plenty website for more information.
  5. LIP Response/Biking Borough Meeting – Spencer is meeting this evening with various people from Bromley Council to discuss our future involvement with regard to cycling related matters.

 Website update

There will be a meeting at Spencer’s house on Monday, 13th June to learn how to update the new Bromley Cyclists website. Please bring laptops.

 Go Ride Report

 There was a meeting on Monday evening to discuss the BGRRL. The Racing League has been very successful this year.  The new Crofton Go Ride is going well but volunteers are needed and more coaches.

 CCFL Grant

 We have applied for a grant of £4,202 to cover the cost of training 6 new coaches (4 level 2 coaches and 2 level 1 coaches.  This amount will cover all training costs and first aid course costs.

Workplace Challenge

TFL free to enter challenge runs throughout June for workplaces and we have three companies in our area who have expressed an interest.  We will help deliver a one day workplace event running from 8.30am to 3.00pm which will include Dr. Bike health checks, lunch & learn sessions, route planning advice and cycle advice.


It was with great sadness that we learned this week of the death of Barry Mason, Coordinator for Southwark Cyclists.  An avid campaigner, Barry has done so much to transform cycling in London.  He will be sadly missed by the cycling community.

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