Minutes 8th July

Minutes of Bromley Cyclists Monthly Meeting 8th July, 2013

Theld at he Liberal Club, Orpington

1. Present: Spencer Harradine, Eve Evans, Steve Heeley, Melissa Cazzatto, Stephen Hardy, Steve Watkin, Tim Rowe, John Wood.

2. Apologies: Paul Hardy

3. Approval of Minutes of last meeting – Approved

4. Financial Report – Current financial balance £202.40

5. Matters arising from last meeting

• Ann Kenrick LCC – Discussed Ann’s visit and subsequent Nick Ferrari interview

• Rides Brochure – now complete and ready for distribution, thank you to Stephen and Derek.

6. Events

• Harris Hospiscare – over 100 entries so far. Glyn has agreed to man the feeding station at Woodlands Golf Club and possibly Tim. Help needed to put up posters Thursday.

• Camping trip –feedback – very successful weekend in Essex which included rides on Saturday and Sunday.

7. Travel, Transport & Infrastructure

• Update from John – meeting scheduled for 22nd July to discuss Bromley Cyclists wish list.

Steve Heeley re Mayors Cycling Vision. – The meeting was addressed by Steve Heeley, Senior Transport Officer at LBB.

Steve spoke of the council’s decision not to apply for mini-Holland status under the Mayor’s Vision, reiterating that he did not think that LBB could prepare a coherent plan for delivery in 2014 which formed part of the criteria.

Steve went on the explain that the money for mini-Hollands was just one strand of the budgets being made available for cycling and it was his view that Bromley would be better served by securing other cycling funding being made available through Cycling Vision for London for projects such as Quietways, superhubs and borough cycling programme.

Spencer suggested that there should be a number of hubs in the borough. These hubs being accessed for cyclists along good cycle routes which could be quiet-ways, dedicated cycling lanes or a mixture. This could form the basis of a cycling network throughout the borough which could be expanded as funding became available in future years. Steve agreed that this is what he would expect to see on our wish list.

Steve advised that the group should prepare a detailed wish list which could be placed before officers/elected representatives and that he would arrange a workshop for us to present our wishes.

8. Sport. Leisure & Recreation

• Rides Report – 11 rides this month with 117 riders.

9. Go Ride/BGRRL – Pickhurst club should be ready to open in September. 3 children attended the London Youth Games last weekend.

10. Website – working well at the moment.

11. AOB – Marshalls needed for the Prudential London Ride on August 3rd.

Next meeting Monday 12th August July – 8.15pm The Liberal Club, Orpington.


14th July Harris Hospiscare Charity Ride

20th July Dunwich Dynamo

28th July Last Sunday of the Month Ride

3rd August Prudential London Ride

10th August Bromley to Folkstone

11th August Folkstone to Dungeness

25th August Last Sunday of the Month Ride

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