Minutes of August meeting

Bromley Cyclists – Monthly Meeting Report 10th August,  2011

Present:               Steve Watkin, Spencer Harradine, Shaun McDonald, Steve Hardy, Eve Evans, Peter Nemestothy,  Nev Medhurst, Paula Godman, Mike Edgerton, Les Back, Howard Spencer, Helena Callow.

1.       Apologies:  Trevor Davies, Derek Mark, Paul Hardy, Steve Healey, Melissa Cazzato

2.       Report from last meeting:   Approved

3.       Financial report:   Balance £1032.31.  Income was £250.52 membership grant from LCC. Expenditure was £350.00. Cheque sent to Eve for signing but not cleared yet.

 4.       Post Mortems:

  • Bike Marking Event – Bromley

Successful day at Bromley South with around 60 bikes being marked. This event was attended by Steve Hann and some of his team, together with members of Bromley Council and Bromley Cyclists.

5.       Rides & Events Planning:

  • Rides –  156 riders during July coming out on 17 rides, another successful month.
  • Future Rides – It has been agreed to vary the rides going forward, not necessarily keeping to 30 mile rides on a Sunday, which should give people not only a choice of rides to go on, but also attract more cyclists. Ride leaders confirmed up to Skyride.
  • Beginner Rides – Les Back has people keen to go on beginners rides, maybe just a few miles to start with.  We have agreed that we can tailor rides for this group around the St. Mary Cray area to begin with. 
  • Skyride – The Skyride from Bromley South will be led by Spencer and leave Bromley South around 9am. The Penge one will be led by Shaun and meet at the Café at Crystal Palace Park, (Penge West Station entrance). The return rides will leave Tower Bridge at 4pm. Dr Bikes will be Nev Medhurst at Bromley South and Chris Jones at Crystal Palace.  The practice run for marshals will be August 24th.
  • Petts Wood Runners – We have been invited to have a stand at Willett Recreation Ground on 9th October for the 10k run.
  • Wednesday Weekly Wander – Pubs have been drawn for the next month and will now appear on the website.  7th September we will finish at a pub in Bromley to join Charles before his departure for Australia.

 6.       Publicity – LCC are now inviting nominations for the 2011 Awards.

7.       Policy & Campaigning Group Report – members encouraged to make more use of website and forums.

8.       Biking Borough – Summer Events Programme – lots of promotional events planned including cycle training and maintenance.  Flyer for Biking Borough now on the website.  Discussion followed re the infrastructure and cycle hubs in the future.

 9.       Website Update – website is working well, we are now encouraging people to use the website to check out the regular rides, rather than having to email every week.

10.   Go Ride Report – Michael Chambers from Bigfoot Go Ride has commenced his Level 1 coaching course.  Paula and Eve have completed their Safeguarding and Protecting children course. Paula is Welfare Officer for Crofton Go Ride, with Eve as assistant.  Jason Cattermoul to do a session at Grays Farm Road school in conjunction with Les Back.  Bigfoot is working towards Clubmark Accreditation.

11.   AOB –  Mottingham are opening a new BMX track.  Future dates for the diary include:

Big Bike Bash                     –              August 20/21

Mildenhall Rally               –              August 26/27/28/29

London Bike Show          –              January 12/13/14/15

Next Bromley Cyclists meeting September 14th.

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