Monthly Meeting – November Minutes

Bromley Cyclists Monthly Meeting

Minutes 12th November, 2012 – 8.15pm The Liberal Club, Orpington.

Present: John Wood, Spencer Harradine, Paul Hardy, Stephen Hardy, Melissa Cazatto, Nev Medhurst, Linda Rampling, Pete Nemostothy, Tim Rowe, Steve Watkin, Les Rowe.

1.    Apologies: Dereck Mark, Eve Evans, Jonathan Burns, Helena Callow.

2.    Approval of report of last meeting – Approved

3.    Financial report – Current Financial Balance: £462.00

4.  Matters Arising from last meeting

  •  Cycling Community Centre – Norman Park No Change since last meeting Spencer met with Martin Hussey re Cycle Bromley and ideas floated. There is also a meeting planned with Craig Potter of Bromley College to see what interest they have.  It is intended through Pro Active Bromley to promote a sports hub long term to involve various sporting activities including BMX Track and Cycle hub around Chatterton Village and surrounding areas.
  • Xmas festivities – It was decided that the original idea of using the Liberal Club would not be suitable. It was decided to book a meal at Benvenuto, Coney Hall on the same date.  Linda Rampling is to arrange the booking.
  •  Bromley Cyclists Programme 2013 – It was decided to try and arrange rides for the  1st 6months of 2013 and publish them on the web prior to the Xmas break as the website achieved peak viewing during the festive period. The rides suggested in addition to our regular rides as Youth Velo Rides twice monthly, Velo Club Rides Weekly to promote fitness, Adams Challenge, Breeze Rides, School Rides including local Primary and Secondary Schools, Involvement with local community groups such as Cubs and Scouts. John Wood agreed to 3 x Architectural Themed rides, Steve Watkin 3 x Coast rides, Nev Medhurst recumbent ride. Ride leader course booked for 3/2/13 at Bethlem Hospital.
  •  Harris Hospicecare Event 2013 – No confirmation yet regarding dates and format of ride.

5. Rides & Event Planning

  • RidesReport – 114 riders on 14 rides in September.  Discussion followed with regard to the rides.
  • WWW Venues – Now booked till Feb 2013 2/1/13 Spencer “Bloody Mary Ride”, 9/1/13 Mel “Greyhound Keston”, 16/1/13 Tim “Danson Stables”, 23/1/13 Nev “Venue TBC”, 30/1/13 Linda “Venue TBC”, 6/2/13 Steve W “Venue TBC”
  •  Future Rides Planning – Feature rides discussed including Night Rides, Summer Solstice, St Crispin’s, Coast to Coast.
  • Velo Club – Kids Velo Club rides – This month’s ride was a success 25 Parents and Children, Next Ride on 15th December and volunteers are required due to attendance. Phil Cowburn is keen to support Spencer and develop the Velo Youth Rides.

 6. Policy & Campaigning Group Report


  • Cycle Bromley – Spencer met with Martin Hussey and presented the Cycle Bromley Document. A Further meeting with stakeholders is scheduled for 22/11/12 and Members of Bromley Cyclists have been invited (Spencer, Steve W, Stephen H, Linda Rampling, Eve Evans & Nev Medhurst).
  • Go Dutch conference/Spencer
  • TFL & Dutch infrastructure street design workshop/Spencer – Spencer updated the meeting that the conclusion of the Blackfriars Bridge inquiry was the development was not fit for purpose and the junction more dangerous that before development.

7.Website Update

  • Recent Meeting – Ride registration is now live and riders are able to register and enquire about rides via the ride registration from.

 8.Go Ride & BGRRL Reports – Next races are 8/12 Alexandra School Penge & 3/2 Bromley High School.

 9. AOB

  • Business Cards distribution list – John Wood provided the Card Holders and allocation list as agreed last meeting.  It was agreed that when delivering the cards permission is sought to organize a ride from the shop.
  • Sport Makers  – This is a Sport England initiative driving ambassadors for Sport – To be discussed next meeting.

Next meeting Monday 10th December 2012 – The Liberal Club Orpington

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