November Minutes

Bromley Cyclists – Monthly Meeting Report 9th November, 2011

Present: Spencer, Harradine, Eve Evans, Steve Watkin, Stephen Hardy, Paul Hardy, Mel Calzatto, Steve Heeley, Helena Callow, Stewart Curtis, Mike Egerton, Pete Nemestothy, Shaun McDonald, Glyn Alsworth.

1. Apologies: Derek Mark, Nev Medhurst, Paula Godman, John Warren

2. Report from last meeting: Approved

3. Financial report: Balance £480.90. Expenditure October, Walki Talkis £157, Walki Talki Earpieces £30,80, Printing £350, Donation to SERC for use of rollers £50.

4. Biking Borough Project

We were joined this evening by Steve Heeley and Mel Cazzatto from Bromley Council’s Sustainable Transport Team who gave an overview on the Project Plan for 2011-2014. This included Creating Cycle Hubs, Creating Cycling Communities and Raising the profile of cycling. Steve and Mel are intending to attend our meetings at least quarterly, keeping us up to date with further developments. Our sincere thanks to them for giving up their evening to attend our meeting.

5. Matters Arising from Last Meeting

• Walkie Talkies. We have now purchased Walkie Talkies to assist on our rides. It has been agreed that as most of the rides go out from the Orpington/Bromley area, these should be held by Spencer Harradine, Steve Watkin & Nev Medhurst.

Birthday Dinner – Although this clashed with the Blackfriars Flashride, we still managed to go ahead with the birthday dinner and a very enjoyable evening was had by all who attended Zizzi’s in Bromley in October.

Blackfriars Bridge – Around 2,000 riders met for what was a very successful flashride thanks to the superb organization of this event, the help of the marshals in getting everyone across the bridge and back and the tremendous support we received from the police. Thank you to everyone who attended.

Velo Club – Spencer has had one meeting already with Nev Medhurst and Stephen Hardy to discuss how best to develop this further.

Stewart’s Cyberknife Appeal – a very successful four day ride for Stewart, during which his sponsorship has currently reached around £2,000. Stewart was accompanied by Nev, Steve, Stephen and Eve on his ride which covered over 200 miles. Thank you to everyone for their support and especially Paula and Dani our support crew for the weekend.

Meeting with Jack Murphy – Thanks go to Shaun for taking the time to meet with Jack Murphy. The junctions they are looking at are the Eden Park junction and Elmers End junction. Thanks also to Shaun for taking Jenny Jones around the Borough and his subsequent report.

6. Rides & Event Planning

• Rides – 310 riders during September with 8 rides. This includes 234 on the Skyride, so 76 excluding this. 73 riders in October with 13 rides, so numbers have fallen somewhat since the summer months.

• Future Rides – we are encouraging anyone who would like to lead a ride to let us know so that it can be included on the website. Another ride leader day is likely to be planned in the coming months.

• Wednesday Night Wander – Pubs have been drawn for the next month and will appear on the website. It was agreed to have two meeting places for some of the Orpington members, when rides are heading back up to Petts Wood.

• Christmas Meal – It has been agreed to book again at the Crooked Billet, Spencer to arrange.

7. Publicity

• Breeze – part of British Cycling’s commitment to get more women riding bikes for fun. Discussed at a recent meeting attending by Spencer. As yet we have no-one in Bromley Cyclists who is a Breeze instructor.

8. Website Update – discussed how we might develop this further – maybe time for another meeting.

9. Go Ride Report – the first event of the new season has taken place, with very promising numbers taking part. Certainly an increase from last season.

10. AOB

• Spencer briefly discussed Proactive Bromley’s projects for next year, one being to organize local Skyrides.

• We plan to hold the Birthday celebration next year in July to avoid missing both the October and December meetings.

There will be no meeting in December as this will be our Christmas Dinner. Venue Crooked Billet, Southborough Lane, Bromley. Next meeting 11th January, 2012.

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