September Minutes

Bromley Cyclists – Monthly Meeting

9th September, 2013 – Minutes

Present: Spencer Harradine, Eve Evans, Derek Mark, Stephen Hardy, Duncan Peterkin, Gladys Edmonds, Tim Rowe, Melissa Cazatto, John Wood, Linda Rampling, Steve Watkin.

1. Apologies: Paul Hardy

2. Approval of Minutes of last meeting – Approved Steven Hardy

3. Financial Report – current financial balance £206.42

4. Matters arising from last meeting

▪ Bromley Town Centre Promotional event 1st September – Bromley Council had a stand which included Dr. Bike, a Smoothie Bike and staff were on hand to discuss cycling in the Borough. Thanks to John Wood, Linda Rampling, Spencer and Jack Harradine representing Bromley Cyclists and distributing our leaflets.

▪ Space4cycling ride Monday 2nd September – The event was a huge success with Spencer Harradine leading the 5,000 riders taking part in the ride past parliament. Bromley Cyclists led and marshalled this event. It was felt the next mass ride needs to meet in a more suitable location. i.e. park. Thank you to all those who assisted on the day. John Wood watched the actual debate and commented that there were some really good points made.

▪ Council Elections 2014 – The LCC magazine lists the asks for the local elections. The aim is to take at least one of these ‘Asks’ and ask at least one ward councillor on their views. John Wood has attended the policy forum meetings and helped in putting part of this together. In January there will be some campaigning workshops. Bromley Cyclists need to decide how they want to approach this.

▪ Christmas festivities – Stephen Hardy to look into suitable venue.

▪ London Cycling Hero – Spencer Harradine has won this. It is possible this will go National which will be a much bigger profile and have potential.

5. Events

▪ LCC Conference and AGM 19th October – Please can we have as many Bromley Cyclists as possible attending? Information contained in the latest LCC magazine which has just gone out.

 6. Report from 1st Stakeholder meeting

▪ List of those short listed for Mini Holland’s. The London Borough of Bromley has set up two Stakeholder meetings to discuss what Bromley has regarding cycling and what Bromley wants. 25 people attended the first meeting and there is another on Wednesday September 11th. Discussion followed.

7. Police bike marking success

▪ Bromley Council and Bromley Cyclists are now being informed regularly when these events are. The police have had great success recently, recovering several high quality bikes, plus a huge amount of frames etc.

8. Ccfl grant

▪ LBB are giving us a reference for this. We are currently starting a new Go Ride Club and urgently need funds.

9. Bike Polo

▪ One of Mel’s colleagues is setting us the next one of these. If cycling becomes a part of the curriculum then bike polo and bike speedway might be included. This is likely to get the attention of 14/15 year olds and maybe get this into schools.

10. Social Cycling

▪ British Cycling’s website includes Sky Rides, Breeze Rides and Social Cycling – where anyone can go and put their rides on the website and invite people to join them. John Wood has been putting these rides on, which is yet another opportunity to promote ourselves at no cost.

11. Travel, Transport & Infrastructure

▪ We have submitted two wishes to Bromley Council.

(a) Access to Bromley Town Centre from a distance of two miles, through various corridors, with improved signage. Hopefully when Bromley Council comes back with some plans, we can refer this back to the LCC.

(b) Bromley Common, Locks bottom, Petts Wood. Anything on that perimeter should give access to quiet ways for cycling. There are about 20 points of interest and various local schools that should be linked up.

Then focus more on bikeability courses, bike clubs, more cycle parking, thereby encouraging more cycling. Have cycle friendly zones. Implement safer space for children zones. Mel has asked John to speak at the Road Safety Consultative Panel meeting to discuss our wishes.

The proposed Toucan Crossing at Green St. Green has been objected to by one of the local Councillors.

 12. Sport. Leisure & Recreation

Rides Report

▪ 9 rides this month with 141 riders. 22nd September Pollards Hill has a ride we can link up with.

▪ Eve asked for a show of hands as to who would be prepared to lead a ride in 2013. The following responded. Spencer Harradine, Eve Evans, John Wood, Tim Rowe, Steve Watkin and Stephen Hardy. This means that we will have at least 12 rides on the calendar for 2013.

13. Go Ride/BGRRL

▪ The third Bigfoot Go Ride Club is now starting up at Pickhurst School which will cut down the waiting list. It is proposed to start with 15 children. There are 6 British Go Ride Racing League events in the calendar for next season.

14. Website

▪ Routes – route planning facility for the website discussed. The cost for this is £50 for a two year licence. Stephen Hardy informed us that the tab is on the website.

15. AOB.

▪ The cycle re-cycle facility has been refurbished by two ex Bethlem Royal Hospital patients. Steve Watkin will still be involved.

▪ Brochure re activities and development throughout the borough. We need somebody within the group to look at planning and regeneration.

Next meeting Monday 14th October, 2013 The Liberal Club, Orpington.

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