September Minutes

Bromley Cyclists Monthly Meeting Report 14th September, 2011

Present: Spencer & Debbie Harradine, Shaun McDonald, Steve Hardy, Eve Evans, Chris Jones, Graham Mills, Steve Watkin, Mike Edgerton, Les Back, Derek Mark, John Warren, Mark McKinnon, Nev Medhurst, Paula Godman.

1. Apologies: Peter Nemestothy

2. Report from last meeting: Approved

3. Financial report: Balance £1,032.31. No change since last month.

4. Post Mortems:

· London Skyride – 168 people from Bromley and Penge. Not as busy as last year but this was probably due to the weather. Thanks to all of the marshals for their hard work.

5. Rides & Events Planning:

· Rides – 100 riders during August with 12 rides in all. Considering the number of people on holiday, this was another successful month.

· Future Rides – As discussed last month, it has been agreed to vary the rides going forward, not necessarily keeping to 30 mile rides on a Sunday, which should give people not only a choice of rides to go on, but also attract more cyclists. Need more rides put on the website as only 2 there at the moment.

· Beginner Rides – Les Back is working hard with the 6th form at Grays Farm School with a view to getting them through their bikeability.

· Petts Wood Runners – We have been invited to have a stand at Willett Recreation Ground on 9th October for the 10k run, volunteers are needed to attend this event.

· Wednesday Weekly Wander – Pubs have been drawn for the next month and will now appear on the website. 21st September we will finish at a pub in Bromley to join Charles before his departure for Australia.

6. Publicity – LCC need marshals for a large ride they are planning from Blackfriars Bridge.

7. Policy & Campaigning Group Report – members encouraged to make more use of website and forums.

8. Biking Borough – Summer Events Programme – lots of promotional events planned including cycle training and maintenance. Flyer for Biking Borough now on the website.

9. Website Update – website is working well, we are now encouraging people to use the website to check out the regular rides, rather than having to email every week. Steve Hardy has agreed to help Shaun update the Twitter page to ensure that old news is not visible on the front page.

10. Go Ride Report – The Crofton Club is having to close as the two coaches are no longer able to commit their time due to work commitments. A new club at Tubbenden is likely to be set up in the near future. Meetings are currently taking place to arrange dates for next year’s Racing League, after a very successful season this year.

11. AOB

· After the successful use of walkie talkies at the Skyride it was decided to purchase 3 additional sets for use on future rides. These will be £60 each.

· The cycle parking launch will take place in Bromley this week, Chris, Shaun, Mike and John may attend.

· LCC vote from members has resulted in Going Dutch being chosen as the current campaign. Shaun McDonald will be actively involved in this campaign, which is to look at some of the Dutch infrastructure to see what can be used in this country with regard to cycling related issues.

· Stephen Hardy and Nev Medhurst introduced their ideas regarding the Velo Club to provide a wider range of rides and grow the club and have come up with some ideas with regard to clothing.

There will be no meeting in October as this will be our Birthday Dinner. Venue Zizzis in Bromley.

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