Ride Reports

See below for reports on our recent rides. For older reports, see our archive

Viking Trail

I think the pictures from this ride describe our day out almost better than I can, even if the photography is a bit iffy. There was were thirty registrations or expressions of interest in today’s ride; in the end we … Continue reading

Bigfoot to Brighton 2019

There was a slightly different feel to this year’s Bigfoot to Brighton outing and as I sit and type I have realised it was because it was on a Saturday rather than the usual Sunday outing. I was a little … Continue reading

Bigfoot 2 Brighton Training Ride 5 2019

On a lovely sunny Sunday morning we gathered outside Panagua Bikes. The fine weather had brought out the ‘crowds’ that were missing from the last outing.  Although we are well into Spring the weather has been particularly chilly of late and … Continue reading

Bigfoot 2 Brighton Training Ride 4

After a week of glorious spring days, today was a bit disappointing weatherwise. Blue skies, warm breezes and milky sunshine had been replaced by heavy clouds and light rain. But hey as we all know there is no such thing … Continue reading

Bigfoot 2 Brighton Training Ride No2

At my Grandmothers knee I learned an old saw which I expect many of you will have heard “raining at seven, dry by eleven”, meaning that if it’s raining when you get up it will have stopped by lunchtime; and … Continue reading

Paddock Wood Loop – Ride Report

It is a long time since I have posted a ride report on our website, mainly because we have not been able to organise many rides this year, but today Linda led us her wonderful Paddock Wood Loop. This was … Continue reading